My Philosophy

Dr. Robin P Steely, DDS

My dental practice is an extension of my life and closely mirrors who I am. I believe that I have been called to help people transform their health – from accepting the status quo of managing their disease to moving purposefully toward a health and wellness orientation. This is the very essence and definition of a healer.

My service to others is to become a conduit of truthful, accurate information that sets up the right environment for people to become healthy. To do this, I must help people make the best decisions that are appropriate for them. By deeply examining their current status and painting a picture of what their deepest desires are for health, together we can examine the bottlenecks and disconnects, overcome them and create a new model for healthy living.

Dentistry is the primary window to the body. What we see in the mouth affects the entire body. We are in the business of nurturing individual relationships in which people can discover their own problems, discover what it is that they truly want, how healthy that they would like to be, and then be guided to discover the best solutions for themselves to take control back.

Meet Dr. Robin Steely, DDS

My Core Values

  • TRUTH: Having the right information to make the best decision that you can.
  • HONESTY: Caring to be straight with people, always with the right information.
  • HOLISTICALLY INCLINED: Because we are created in His image, we will provide health care that doesn't create an environment that biology is being compromised. We pledge to protect your health using non toxic and damaging materials in our treatment.
  • RELATIONSHIPS: All people are worthwhile and have the ability to make the best choices for themselves if provided with the right information.
  • LIFELONG LEARNER: Learning is a passion where the well is never dry.
  • CONNECTEDNESS: Dentistry invades the most intimate part of the body. Asking for permission to connect with a person in this way respects their individual right to protect themselves.
  • PERSONAL WELLNESS: Living well involves my making choices that will affect my relationships on a daily basis. When my life is done, I want to hear well done, good and faithful servant.
  • FREEDOM: The ability to choose and decide what is most important for themselves.

Spiritual Wellness

The word spiritual to me means a wholeism of the individual. It is an interdependency of the physical, mental, emotional, world view of each person. It is the living at our best and constantly being better than the day before. It is being dependent on a greater Source for my strength.

In my world view, it is a daily connection between myself and a loving God who had the grace to overlook my faults and still call me a friend. If He can call me a friend for who I really am, I surely can exhibit the same grace to each person that I connect with.