The Oral Fitness for Life Store

The Oral Fitness For Life Store offers our patients a comprehensive selection of oral care products, provided in-person, at our Battle Creek dental office. When walking down the aisles of your local grocery store throughout Battle Creek, Portage, or Richland, how do you know which oral hygiene product is right for you and your family? With so many different brands and product types, it can definitely seem overwhelming. Our recent visit to our local grocery store proved just how overwhelming choosing the right oral hygiene products can be:

Dr. Steely and his team of oral care experts have completed years of research regarding oral care products combined with our true experience and knowledge, in order to put together the perfect selection of oral hygiene products. We want to ensure that our patients are utilizing the right products when they’re home in order to promote consistent dental health and prevent any future dental disease.

Each item has been individually hand picked for our Oral Fitness store. When choosing an oral hygiene product from Dr. Steely’s practice, it takes all the guess work out of the purchasing process. Our clients can rest assured knowing they’re purchasing the right oral hygiene care for you and your family. Dr. Steely only retails products he trusts in and has done extensive research for.

All of the products offered are oral hygiene products our team uses daily at home. Our trusted product list is created to guarantee optimal care and health, reducing our patients need for dental work.
Sonicare Toothbrushes
We believe that Sonicare toothbrush systems offer the best in-home brushing product. This premium product literally does the work for you– reaching every difficult spot and optimizing gum health. The timer system gives patients 30 seconds per major section of their mouth, guaranteeing you’ll brush for at least two minutes. This is the best electric toothbrush on the market and our team stands behind it.
Spry Products
Spry products feature Xylitol, a sugar alcohol that actually doesn’t lower your mouth’s pH and offers antibacterial properties. Xylitol can actually help keep your teeth and gums clean in between brushing and meals. With a delicious taste and a multitude of benefits, Spry gum and breath mints are our go-to.
Supplementation has always been a part of our daily routine. The lypospheric products from LivOn Labs have been available for the past couple of years and have become one of our favorites. The lypospheric process allows Vitamin B and C to be guided directly into the cells rather than “bathe” the cells as most supplements do. This pushes the concentration of the supplement up as it supports the work of the cells. My morning routine is a packet of each with some water. If I get a cold or the typical Michigan sniffles, I up the number of Vitamin C packets that I take daily and can knock it out in 24 hours.

The Oral Fitness for Life Store is our way of providing proven products for our patients. Convenience is also key– that’s why you can rest assured knowing you’re choosing the best oral hygiene products available on the market without the inconvenience of visiting an overwhelming grocery store aisle.

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