The Master Plan

The Master Plan is your stepping stone to a better life. The Master Plan is a document that you are intimately involved in creating based on 3 specific areas of prevention:

• Primary prevention – predicting disease before it occurs and preventing it
• Secondary prevention – detecting disease early and eliminating it
• Tertiary prevention – rejuvenation of defects caused by disease. This allows you to move to Primary prevention.

The Master plan is based on the following:

Structure determines behavior and behavior determines results.

For many people, their entire experience in dentistry has been about a mechanical solution that did not change their overall outcome. In other words, they changed an event (had a filling, placed a crown) but the behavior and structure did not change. Because of this, they found that every few years, they were having to redo their treatment with a more extensive one. It was a downhill progression of disease in a never ending cycle!

We discovered that people want as little dentistry as possible or no dentistry at all. The Master Plan guarantees that. By putting all of your risks into the mix and developing the structure to change the environment toward health and wellness, you will have the greatest impact on stopping this progression of disease.

Your Master Plan will focus on your choice of:

• Patchwork dentistry – focusing on only the urgent
• Phased long term health – stabilizing, protecting, and preventing disease
• Rejuvenation – once disease is controlled, rejuvenating defects in the most lasting manner taking into consideration form, function, comfort, health, esthetics, and longevity.

Everything that we do is focused on you and helps you make the best decision that is in your own best self interest.