People want as little dentistry as possible or no dentistry at all. This is the guiding philosophy behind the Undo It with Oral Fitness for Life program. Most individuals’ dentistry looks like a picture painted by several different artists. Mechanical solutions (fillings, crowns, dentures, implants) have been used to solve biologic challenges. It is only when we step back and take stock of where we are, what our risks are, and clearly see where we want to go, can we find a way to UNDO the direction that we are headed in and totally change our future wellness.

Because the mouth is part of our overall health system, we start with an assessment of the four areas that affect your oral health. Participants in the program experience the satisfaction of a healthier lifestyle, a beautiful natural smile, and an ability to eat whatever they want. They also enjoy much less dentistry over their lifetime and save significant amounts of money.