Dentistry and nutrition work hand in hand. Because most disease is caused by inflammation, what we see in the mouth is a picture of what is going on in the body. When inflammation is present, bacteria that cause disease gain a foothold and our immune systems cannot overcome the pressure of being overrun by these high risk bacteria. Thus we become sick, our gum tissue bleeds, and we get decay.

There are 8 principles of Nutritional Health. They are:

  • 1. Nutrition represents the combined activities of countless food substances.
    • The food that we take in is broken down in numerous ways to help our bodies stay in a sense of equilibrium.
  • 2. Vitamin supplements are not a panacea for good health.
    • In the short term they may be beneficial, but it is difficult to isolate a single vitamin or nutrients from a system and expect it to make up for the multitude of chemical reactions that take place when we eat whole foods.
  • 3. Plant based foods have significantly more nutrient value than animal based foods.
    • Plant based whole foods provide protein, fiber, and necessary nutrients without the fat and cholesterol for an exemplary diet. For instance, our bodies produce all the cholesterol that we need for brain function.
  • 4. Genes don’t determine disease on their own.
    • Genes function when they are activated or expressed. Nutrition plays a critical role in that expression. Many genes influence disease, but research shows only a mild influence compared to the environment and diet. A Whole Foods Plant based diet tends to keep “mischievous genes” under control.
  • 5. Nutrition can substantially control adverse effects of noxious chemicals.
    • Nutrition always TRUMPS chemical carcinogens. Even in heavy smokers regularly exposed to multiple chemical carcinogens, a plant based diet will decrease lung cancer risk.
  • 6. The same nutrition that prevents disease in the early stages, can halt disease in the later stages.
    • Evidence exists that a Whole Foods Plant based diet can reverse conditions related to heart disease, diabetes, and other disease even in the later stages.
  • 7. Nutrition that is truly beneficial for one chronic disease will support health across the board.
    • Most diseases including tooth decay and gum disease share a common biochemistry. Nutrition works through biochemistry to affect these diseases.
  • 8. Good nutrition creates health at all levels of our existence – all of our parts are interconnected.
    • Dietary choice affects more than biology .

The principles of Alkaline forming foods will as found in a Whole Foods Plant Based diet, keep us nutritionally sound, our bodies in balance, disease at bay, and allow us to have energy to function throughout our days. More than 40% of our stress can be affected by our nutritional intake. Health is a function of our foods and our disease state, while wellness is a state of mind.

The Whole Foods, Plant Based nutrition philosophy will flood your system with non-acid producing foods. A system that is alkaline will help to prevent inflammation and disease including decay and gum disease. Ultra marathoner and world class triathlete Brendan Brazier outlined the four elements of nutrition in his Thrive Nutritional Philosophy.

Thrive is a long-term eating plan to help all athletes (professional or not) develop a lean body, sharp mind, and everlasting energy. As one of the few professional athletes on a plant-based diet, Brendan Brazier researched and developed this easy-to-follow program to enhance his performance as an elite endurance competitor. 
Brazier clearly describes the benefits of nutrient-rich foods in their natural state versus processed foods, and how to choose nutritionally efficient, stress-busting whole foods for maximum energy and health. Featuring a 12-week meal plan, over 100 allergen-free recipes with raw food options–including recipes for energy gels, sport drinks, and recovery foods–and a complementary exercise plan, The Thrive Diet is “an authoritative guide to outstanding performance” (Neal D. Barnard, M.D., Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine).

I have found that following as closely as possible this simple approach to nutrition yields an energy gain with little digestive downside. My system stays in balance, inflammation is kept at bay and the body thrives completely rests and rejuvenates when eating this way.

References: Brendan Brazier is the formulator and cofounder of Vega, bestselling author of the Thrive book series, creator and host of the Thrive Forward web series, and editor in chief of Thrive magazine. He’s also a former professional Ironman triathlete and a two-time Canadian 50km Ultra Marathon Champion. Brendan is regarded as one of the world’s leading authorities on plant-based performance nutrition, and therefore works with several NHL, NFL, MLB, UFC, and Olympic athletes. Brendan now invests in and works with socially responsible food & tech companies whose mandate is to fix our food system and reduce the environmental strain of food production.