Dental Fitness Program

Dental fitness is a holistic way to help people set goals for their health and then achieve them. By understanding what they want, we can move in that direction. There are 3 parts of dental fitness:

  • Gum disease – eliminating inflammation and bleeding from the mouth. Bleeding is a sign of current disease and plaque accumulation is a sign of future disease. Controlling inflammation in the mouth is one of the ways that disease can be eliminated throughout the body. Dental fitness COACHES people to get control of their own disease and become healthy
  • Tooth disease – When inflammation and bacteria are present, acid is formed. An acidic environment damages and destroys teeth by eating away the enamel and forming decay. Once the enamel is gone, the middle layer of the “M&M” will be destroyed 7 times faster. This leads to root canals and extractions
  • Bite disease – probably the most overlooked part of dentistry. Teeth should only touch 3-5 minutes of the day – only in speaking, chewing and swallowing. When teeth are together, enamel gets worn, muscles contract and the jaw joints become unstable out of their sockets. This leads to headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, face pain, worn teeth, fractures and sensitivity.
    The Dental Fitness program is the brainchild of Dr. Michael Schuster of the Schuster Center Business School for Dentists. After years of research and testing, he developed a way that people could begin to understand where they stood regarding their dental health. We have adopted this method because it is critical to know exactly where you are and see a path to get to where you want to go. The Dental Fitness program measures three specific markers of inflammation in the gum tissue:

    1. Plaque
    2. Pockets
    3. Bleeding

    You can see in an up- to- the- minute, real time gauge how healthy you are. Once you know what your risks are and can clearly see what health looks like, you become involved in the master plan to achieve health and wellness. By keeping your – plaque free and bleeding free – scores at 90% or above, you will minimize the amount of dental care that you need, saving you time and money.

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