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We’d like to welcome any residents living in Marshall to the dental practice of Dr. Robin Steely! We are a modern dentistry that focuses on incorporating holistic care and boosting overall health in order to limit your dental needs. Our team works hard to evaluate and coach our patients to successfully pursue a lifetime of health and wellness. Dentistry is the primary window to the body, allowing us to offer comprehensive solutions for great overall health. One of our primary concerns is ensuring your comfort in our safe practice, relieving any negative connotations that may be tied to visiting the dentist.

Dental Services

If you live in Marshall, Michigan and are looking for a new or different dentist, we’ve got the caring, successful dental care services you need. Along with oral coaching and general care, our practice also provides Lifestyle Dentistry, TMJ/TMD care, Reversal Program, BioRejuvenation Dentistry, Mercury Safe Dentistry, Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry, Sedation Dentistry, Oral Systemic Health, and more.

BioRejuvenation Dentistry

This new, biology-based approach is a comprehensive process implemented to ensure jaw joints are stable, muscles are relaxed, and your teeth aren’t worn down. If you’re a Marshall resident experiencing any discomfort chewing or are simply concerned about prolonging your dental health, BioRejuvenation can improve functionality, comfort, preservation, as well as aesthetics.

Mercury Safe Dentistry

We make every effort to ensure our patients, staff, and environment are protected when performing any procedure. Did you know that all silver fillings contain mercury? There has been a lot of controversial debates on whether mercury is actually safe when used as fillings in patient’s teeth. Dr. Robin Steely has decided that our practice won’t administer any fillings containing mercury to our patients and also offers safe mercury filling removal. We’re proud to offer a mercury-free, BPA-free composite resin filling; ensuring your safety is our first priority. Our Mercury Safe protocol protects both our patients and staff from toxic mercury vapor.

Dental Implants

Dental implants have a high 98% ten year success rate, offering optimal comfort for chewing. This replacement technique incorporates dental implants made of titanium and can range from a single tooth to supporting a denture to replace all missing teeth. We offer Marshall residents looking for great aesthetics and outstanding longevity, with top-of-the-line dental implants.

Other Services

Our dentistry provides many other procedures and services. If you’re interested in more information on the treatments we provide or have any questions, please give us a call or contact us via our website.