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We’d like to welcome all Charlotte residents to our Battle Creek dental practice! Dr. Robin Steely has built our practice on incorporating all modern technological advancements with the holistic, preventative approaches in order to lower your family’s dental needs. We’re proud to offer an all-inclusive selection of dental services and treatments, ensuring overall patient health and a gorgeous smile. One of our aspirations is to provide a safe environment in order to alleviate any anxieties or fears any our patients may have associated with dentistry.

Dental Services

If you’re located in the Charlotte area and would like to find a new or different dentist, we have the experience and in-depth care you need. Along with general care and oral coaching, our practice is pleased to deliver a multitude of services including Lifestyle Dentistry, TMJ/TMD care, Reversal Program, BioRejuvenation Dentistry, Mercury Safe Dentistry, Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Fitness, Nutrition Coaching, Sedation Dentistry, Master Planning, and more.

Reversal Program

Our distinguished Reversal Program is a great proactive approach designed by Dr. Robin Steely to help Charlotte families save considerable dental costs while improving functionality and aesthetics. This holistic approach prevents mechanical solutions by distinguishing root causes of dental issues. By analyzing four areas of overall health directly tied to oral health, we’re able to help our patients pursue happier, healthier lifestyles that lower dental needs.

Mercury Safe Dentistry

Our patient-forward practice has always put patient health above all. After recent controversial debates and research on silver mercury fillings, Dr. Robin Steely has created a Mercury Safe protocol for proper removal of these toxic products. We offer mercury free and BPA free composite resin fillings as well that guarantee patient health.

Dental Implants

Charlotte residents looking for a tooth replacement solution with a high success rate and excellent chewing benefits would highly benefit from our dental implants. With a 98% ten year success rate, our titanium based dental implants offer high comfortability and great aesthetic. This is a great option for those looking for single tooth replacement or several teeth bridged dentures.

Other Dental Services

Please feel free to call us for any inquiries regarding the wide selection of services we offer or if you’d like to schedule a consultation. You can contact us via our website as well.