dr steely Fellow of The International College of Dentists


Dr. Robin P Steely, DDS, was inducted as a Fellow of the International College of Dentists at its Annual Convocation in San Francisco, California on September 6, 2019. Fellowship in the College is extended by invitation only. A nominated dentist must pass a rigorous, peer review process leading to the ... Read More
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I came across a recent study that was found in the journal of Experimental Gerontology that looked at 1,385 patients older than 75 years at the largest dental hospital in Shanghai, China. The study was done between Jan. 2010 and Dec. 2014. It was done to see if there ... Read More
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Epidemiologist offering protective respiratory mask in coronavir


This is a new era for all of us. The emergence of a new Novel Coronavirus, COVID-19, has changed the way that we do dentistry like night and day. As we comply with the governors, the Michigan Dental Association, and the American Dental Associations recommendations of social distancing ... Read More
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Ibuprofen and Coronavirus

Ibuprofen and Coronavirus Many of you know that I have studied with Brad Bale and Amy Doneen regarding the Bale Doneen Method of Heart Attack prevention. Brad and Amy are staunch advocates for the role of dentistry in the overall inflammation prevention that occurs in our bodies. The statistics ... Read More
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As we all know, the times have been changing due to the global pandemic with the COVID-19 virus. We are all in this together and we are here to help you should a dental emergency arise. In this down time, I have done a lot of reading in ... Read More
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Robin Steely Dentist Battle Creek MI


Every time that I look in someone’s mouth and see silver – mercury fillings, my heart begins to sink. This material, while used for years in dentistry is not healthy for people. The alloy known as amalgam, is a mixture of several metals and “bound” together with mercury ... Read More
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global village ministries – dr robin steely dds


It is always an honor to serve those that are in need. Once again this year, we had the privilege of being a part of Global Villages Ministries and one of their three Medical / Dental trips to Kenya, Africa. We have come to discover that the Maasai ... Read More
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adell treatment


Leaving the Oloroki camp, we traveled back the single track roads to Olderkesi, Kenya where we set up camp in the yard of the missionary compound. Our clinic the next day was in the local church. We moved out all ... Read More
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Bale-Doneen-Method-Dr Robin Steely DDS – Battle Creek Dentist


The BaleDoneen Method begun by Drs. Bradley Bale and Amy Doneen is a method of Heart attack and stroke prevention that emphasizes reduction of inflammation in the blood circulation system of the body. It is intimately tied to bacteria in the mouth. The study includes a preceptorship with ... Read More
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goals and your dental health – Robin P Steely – Battle Creek Dentist


It is interesting to have conversations with people and ask them what their goals are for their health. Most people take their health for granted and think that they are just fine when they don’t have anything that hurts. But is that really what health is all about? ... Read More
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MAD course


Have you ever thought that there might be a better way to restore your mouth than to place a bunch of crowns? When you think about it, if a tooth has all of its enamel on it, does it make sense to remove all of that good, God given ... Read More
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Your Dental Health Attitude


When you think about success, what comes to mind? Successful businesses, great careers, wonderful relationships? How about success with your health? What would it take for you to feel successful and healthy? I have spent some time lately studying the thoughts of people that I consider successful. ... Read More
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