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Battle Creek Dentist Dr. Robin Steely has been practicing dentistry for over 30 years. Choosing a dentist and a dental health care team is an important decision for you and your family. We understand that choosing the right coaches will make the difference between wellness and disease management. My Passion is Oral Fitness Coaching – partnering with people who wish to transform the quality of their lives and pursue a lifetime of health and wellness. By uniquely wrapping our minds, our hands and our hearts around a process of co-discovery, co-design, and co-creation, we become a conduit for transforming your health into Oral Fitness for Life™. We invite you to spend some time to clearly define what you want by perusing our website and learning about how our patients feel about us and where we can partner with you to improve your life. We’re honored to provide comprehensive oral care for patients throughout Battle Creek, Charter Bedford Township, Portage, and many surrounding cities. We look forward to the opportunity to welcome you to our family.



Your Coaches

Battle Creek Dentist Dr. Steely and his dedicated team are your dental coaches. We’re passionate about our holistic approach to dentistry and work hard to guide you towards an optimal, healthy lifestyle. Our goal is to help you achieve Oral Fitness For Life.
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TMJ/TMD Health

TMJ/TMD health is vital for a successful chewing system. Many dentist’s overlook TMJ/TMD health, but we understand its importance in ensuring you have the most comfortable bite and alleviating all the painful symptoms of poor TMJ/TMD health. We provide industry-leading TMJ/TMD care in Charter Bedford Township.
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BioRejuvenation Dentistry

BioRejuvenation Dentistry utilizes the least minimally invasive approach towards increasing jaw joint health, revitalizing damaged teeth, and optimizing aesthetics. This innovative approach provides long-lasting dental health and helps patients restore self-confidence. As the only dentistry that provides BioRejuvenation Dentistry for Kalamazoo patients, we’re happy to take the holistic approach.
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Dental Fitness

Dental fitness is a holistic way to help people set goals for their health and then achieve them. Dr. Steely’s acclaimed Dental Fitness program evaluates three factors of gum inflammation, helping our Portage patients gain better gum tissue health and a healthier lifestyle.
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Dental Implants

Dental Implants are a highly effective tooth replacement option with excellent chewing benefits. Dental Implants have a predictable 98% ten-year success rate, offering our Marshall patients a great solution for missing or damaged teeth and a beautiful aesthetic look.
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Nutrition has a direct impact on your dental health. We’re here to help coach you towards a maintainable, healthy lifestyle that can positively impact all aspects of your health. As the authority on nutrition in Richland, we’ll help you create lifelong nutritional habits.
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Cosmetic Dentistry

We want all our Holland patients to feel confident when they smile. That’s why we offer a comprehensive line of innovative cosmetic dentistry procedures, engineered to help you love your smile.
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Reversal Program

Our renowned Reversal Program is proven to undo the root causes of dental disease. This holistic approach takes a look at the big picture behind dental disease instead of utilizing mechanical solutions to cure just the symptoms. As the only Grand Rapids dentistry that specializes in our Reversal Program, patients can aspect to find the underlying causes of oral health issues.
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Sedation Dentistry

We understand some of the negative connotations and fears that may be tied to visiting the dentist. That’s why we offer sedation dentistry– Dr. Steely is highly trained in all forms of sedation designed to give our Hastings patients the utmost comfort and ease-of-mind.
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Mercury Safe Dentistry

We’re proud to be a Mercury Safe Dentistry provider in Charlotte, offering our patients mercury-free, BPA-free filling alternatives. We also provide proper mercury extraction for those who’ve had silver fillings, or dental amalgams, implanted in their teeth.
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Oral Systemic Connection

The mouth is the window to your body– giving us significant cues about your overall health. Oral Systemic Connection defines this connection, allowing us to better guide and improve your overall and dental health.
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Master Planning

Dr. Steely utilizes the Master Plan in order to proactively prevent future dental disease and poor health. This innovative approach allows us to avoid mechanical solutions and stop dental disease before it happens.
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Holistically Inclined

Because we are created in His image, we will provide health care that doesn’t create an environment that biology is being compromised. We pledge to protect your health using non toxic and damaging materials in our treatment.


Having the right information to make the best decision that you can.


Caring to be straight with people, always with the right information.


Dentistry invades the most intimate part of the body. Asking for permission to connect with a person in this way respects their individual right to protect themselves.


All people are worthwhile and have the ability to make the best choices for themselves if provided with the right information.

Lifelong Learner

Learning is a passion where the well is never dry.


The ability to choose and decide what is most important for themselves.

Personal Wellness

Living well involves my making choices that will affect my relationships on a daily basis. When my life is done, I want to hear well done, good and faithful servant.

My Battle Creek dental practice is an extension of my life and closely mirrors who I am. I believe that I have been called to help people transform their health – from accepting the status quo of managing their disease to moving purposefully toward a health and wellness orientation. This is the very essence and definition of a healer.

My service to others is to become a conduit of truthful, accurate information that sets up the right environment for people to become healthy. To do this, I must help people make the best decisions that are appropriate for them. By deeply examining their current status and painting a picture of what their deepest desires are for health, together we can examine the bottlenecks and disconnects, overcome them and create a new model for healthy living.

Dentistry is the primary window to the body. What we see in the mouth affects the entire body. We are in the business of nurturing individual relationships in which people can discover their own problems, discover what it is that they truly want, how healthy that they would like to be, and then be guided to discover the best solutions for themselves to take control back.

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dr steely Fellow of The International College of Dentists


Dr. Robin P Steely, DDS, was inducted as a Fellow of the International College of Dentists at its Annual Convocation in San Francisco, California on September 6, 2019. Fellowship in the College is extended by invitation only. A nominated dentist must pass a rigorous, peer review process leading to the ... Read More
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