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Choosing a dentist and a dental health care team is an important decision for you and your family. We understand that choosing the right coaches will make the difference between wellness and disease management. My Passion is Oral Fitness Coaching – partnering with people who wish to transform the quality of their lives and pursue a lifetime of health and wellness. By uniquely wrapping our minds, our hands and our hearts around a process of co-discovery, co-design, and co-creation, we become a conduit for transforming your health into Oral Fitness For Life™. We invite you to spend some time to clearly define what you want by perusing our website and learning about how our patients feel about us and where we can partner with you to improve your life. We look forward to the opportunity to welcome you to our family.


Featured Articles by Dr. Robin P. Steely, DDS

From Pain to No Pain Wellness Journey is a 3-part article series published in
The Greater Kalamazoo Women’s Life Style Magazine.
August 2016 Issue: Article #1:
“From Disease to Wellness, Taking Control”,
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October 2016 Issue: Article #2:
“From Disease to Wellness, Taking Control – Discovery to Correction”
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February 2017 Issue: Article #3:
“From Disease to Wellness, Achieving Stability with a New Look – The Correction”
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My dental practice is an extension of my life and closely mirrors who I am. I believe that I have been called to help people transform their health – from accepting the status quo of managing their disease to moving purposefully toward a health and wellness orientation. This is the very essence and definition of a healer.

My service to others is to become a conduit of truthful, accurate information that sets up the right environment for people to become healthy. To do this, I must help people make the best decisions that are appropriate for them. By deeply examining their current status and painting a picture of what their deepest desires are for health, together we can examine the bottlenecks and disconnects, overcome them and create a new model for healthy living.

Dentistry is the primary window to the body. What we see in the mouth affects the entire body. We are in the business of nurturing individual relationships in which people can discover their own problems, discover what it is that they truly want, how healthy that they would like to be, and then be guided to discover the best solutions for themselves to take control back.


Wellness Blog

Belief & Oral Health
There is a word that I have learned recently. That word is PRAXIS. It means the integration of belief with our behavior. In other words, what we believe will affect what we do.

For many of us, the habits, opinions, and beliefs that we have grown up with affect the way that we care of our health. These habits, opinions, and beliefs are called a paradigm. If our overall belief is that we will lose our teeth as we get older, our paradigm has led us to that. … Read More

The Oral Fitness for Life Store
One of the greatest things that we can offer our clients is a way to completely control their oral disease. When you walk down the mouth care aisle at the local super store in Battle Creek, Marshall, Kalamazoo, or any of the surrounding areas, how do you know what to choose? I recently visited our local store to demonstrate just how overwhelming it can be:

We are here to help by doing the research and offering the best products that we can find and that we use ourselves.
With learning, coaching … Read More